Creators of the Stainless Steel TravelMaster® 2.0


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carry the TravelMaster
® 2.0

  • Easiest Water Pipe to Clean

  • Assembles in Seconds

  • Travel In Style

  • Includes Carrying Case

  • Smokes as Clean as Glass

  • 3 Piece Modular Slip-Fit Design

  • Lifetime Warranty*

GreenStone Steel provides a Unique, Functional, Timeless Design.

  • Our Stainless Steel TravelMaster® 2.0 is GUARANTEED TO SMOKE AS CLEAN AS GLASS!
  • Our design is Fundamentally Superior when it comes to Traveling, Ruggedness and Cleaning.
  • It’s as easy to clean as a Martini Shaker but, with a much thicker wall it is designed to last a lifetime without any worries.
  • Our Magnetic Dab Tool, Poker & Lighter Kits contain high power “rare earth” magnets, food grade silicone bands, and a quality magnetic (410 series) Stainless Steel Dab Tool.

Function is Beauty

We have boiled the water pipe down to the most functional design possible. Our 3 piece slip-fit body is, hands down, the easiest water pipe to clean ever made. It’s virtually indestructible (you won’t worry about breaking it when you clean it) therefore, it’s easier to keep cleaner. There are no threads to wear out. The entire body is completely smooth. It’s simply the perfect design for Campers, Mariners & Urban Travelers. The TravelMaster® 2.0 stand’s 15″ tall and collapses down to only 8″ in travel form.  Our custom Hexagon carrying Case is perfect for urban travelers and backpackers alike.  Break it down in 30 seconds, rinse it a stream or dishwasher- toss it in the case and throw it in a pack. Done! 

A longtime customer recently referred to us as the DeLorean of water pipes.

Wow. Just Wow…
I am far more impressed than I expected I’d be with this piece. You guys have knocked it out of the park… and then some!
I bought this for vaping rather than combusting and I am quite pleased with how well it cools the vapor and still packs a punch. Definitely gonna be showing this beast of to friends.
Have a happy holidays and thanks for the free magnet kit! Most appreciated my friend!
Peace, Tom

We really like this bong. It takes no work to clean, unlike our large collection of bongs, water pipes, and assorted instruments of cannabis consumption. We throw it in with the dishes at night, it’s like a new bong every day. It does hit like clean glass, without all the work. Glass bongs are for looking at, steel bongs are for smoking. Morrison